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Good Morning From Dharapani Kaski

Good Morning From Dharapani Kaski is the place of Nepal which will be located into the Gandaki Zone of Nepal. This place is known as the landscape of agriculture area of our Kaski District where the people will be live under this place over there. Since there is no any vehicle will be running under this village area as a past year ago there. Since the people will be walking with the leg under this village. Right now it will be made too much development under this place. There is a big house that will be made by people from that place. From the image below we have looked at the beautiful hills and area of houses that will shelter over this place. 

Dharapani is the place were located under the mention today name under the Annapurna village ward no 3 were located under this place. Since this place was located under the pace of Baglung-Pokhara highway we have been moving under this place there. Some of the businesses of people were living in this place shift into the Pokhara valley further they’re running their business over working into there. Since this place was too much safe and cools place to mention to feels this place there. 

Since the morning time, there is clear weather will happen after the rainfall was stopped under this place. Since the people will be roaming here and there own working side from their home. Even the people will be doing their daily life activities to running their life from there. Since we have arrived under this place with help of Scooter ride from this place there. Since this place was good and nice to favourite to meet with each other people were there. 

Good Morning From Dharapani Kaski there is a perfect house and area will happen to see with our eye from the image below to see there. Since the people will be doing working under their life over there. Under there is a lot of houses were have seen over this village area to know this. Even we have seen the internet facilities under this place. Under this place, people will be seen looking while I have been trying to upload to capture a video from there. 

This place is like a tourist area where the people will be looking to know their culture and their life of working to spend over this place to do them. Even the most the people will be working under the agriculture side to grow the product from their own land from there. They will be selling them into the Pokhara valley. Special the people will be going to Dairy house to putting to sale the Milk from their bottle sell them the main place there. 


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