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Yesterday I am too much day busy day

Yesterday I am too much day busy day where we have been working into the place of Syangja place. Since we have been tried while working from there. We have come into our own home. We have been working to lost our bag from the near place from there. Then the father will be angry and shouted it there. While we have been eaten food from kitchen room there.

Even we have been shower at home there. But the father will be said we’re in my bag he said that then I will be trying to make nonsense words will be speaking into three rough words to said there. Then I will be started the scooter from there. Then I wi be moved over there. Even I have been working under this one over there. Then one person will be taking this bag there. Then will be taken into my own room to do this one.

The whole day we have spent a Syangja place to make fitting into that place there. Even we have been refreshing under that place stay under this place there. Even a lot of people will be a wait to make this one there. Worker people will make the late working under that place there. Then I will be making angry over there.

I don’t know that person will be working under that mill of furniture from there. Because all of the workings will be made late and they have been making timepass over there. But the workers were too late from there. We have been wait for the day to pass it there. Then we have been talking with them and trying to make fun with them there.

Some of the other people will be told with us there when did this mill will be started it. We need to make this one over to reaction under this place to move on. Then we will become back own home from. We have to make fitting the Fans other room in the home. We have a lot of spending under it all family members to stay there. Then we have been taking to see there.

Then I will go own toilet for a long from there. Yesterday I am too much day busy day I am unable to share this post on my website and view friends will be followed with me here. Even the people will be followed with me here to know this one. This day I will be never forgotten into my life to share with you here to know them.

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