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Why do Nepali love their country

Why do Nepali love their country Why do people do so much for their country after leaving the country? He also gives his life to his country. You also remember the love of your country and the food of your country. From the day you go to work in other countries, people know that this is the name of our country. I have seen a lot of people like that. Nepal is not a small country. I have a big heart. The matter of the mind is only in the mind, but the people of other countries also know the matter of the mind, how helpful Nepalis are.

Which country do you go to, but you also take it with you when you go to your own country. You may have lost some of your gems, but you also like to see the matches of your country. We have to know that we are Nepali in all countries, even ourselves. It is only because there is no work according to our country. If we want to be Yodi, we don’t have to go to another country.

You have to see what you have done. No matter what happens in your country, whatever you do, you love your country, but you also love your country very much. I have to do what I have to do to love. There is an opinion that working in the country of others is also the love of one’s own country. If the people of their country watch any show, they will love it very much.

I love my country more than anything else. According to what has been done in the country, one has also worked on one’s own. You have to do what you have done. The work is what we take for granted. The love of the country should never be forgotten. In other countries, even if you are seven, you will remember the places where you were born, even yourself. You have to go everywhere but you have to love the country, you have to do the things that are happening in the country. That is what has happened in the country.

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Whatever happens in your country happens. You have to do the work in the country yourself. We have to give more love to the country. Never compare our country with other countries. If we can do other people’s country, we can do less than that. If we can do it, then it can be done by ourselves. 

Why do Nepali love their country because there is a long history we will be finding out this difference to explain to mention them? Even we are all of Nepali people we need always to help them. Even we happy to share this feature to moment within friends and other people also too. 

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