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Grand Finale of The Voice of Nepal Season 3

Grand Finale of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 of Augest 7, 2021 will be announced from the official they have been mention out this Grand Finale in the voice of Nepal season 3. Here they have also welcomed the gurus. And here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: Everyone has come to Stage as well as Welcome. Sushil Nepal has also decided who will win. Season 2 Winner has also invited Ram Limbu to today’s show. Here he is performing in Stage. There is also a lot of performance. The talents of the old shows also sang their songs on Stage in Season 3.

There are also songs with Arim, Sanish, Ram, and Bikash. He has also done his things in his earlier days. There is also a lot of gossip about their appearance. And how the day has passed here. That was also sleeping. It was also thought that Sushil himself had come here and thanked those who came here.

All the glasses are hurting their songs on Stage. Here’s to paying your respects at Stage’s Last Grand Finale. Afrita Khadgi is singing her song in the grand finale. Teams Deep’s Govin Pun has been singing his songs at the Grand Finale on Stage. Deep‘s next cannon 12’s Contestant’s Talent Jinesh Rai is singing his songs on Stage.

Pramod is singing his song on Stage and showing his songs on Stage. You have done a very good song and everyone has been entertained by the people here. He will be singing truly emotional songs into the Grand Finale round to give their performance over there.

Ravi Gahatraj is singing his song on his stage. And Pramod’s talent is here too but here it is not finalized. I will do my job and also plan to meet my family. Top 9’s Naharika Gayawali is singing her song and giving her performance. Raju has been singing his songs. I have heard the songs heard by the people here.

Vijay Thada Magar, who is in the top 11, is singing his song. The song is very well sung here. His Raju is the Teams of Teams and the people here have done such a good job.

Top 8 of Sonam Sherpa will come to the grand finale to give their best signing into the stage side. Since he was from the team of Raju talent will be seen on Finale round to sings songs over there. They have fun with the Team Trishna with their and some of the entertainment act will be talking with them there on stage side there.

Pradiksa Adhikari will become the voice of Nepal season 3 there will listen and watch the songs over already we have been listening to this song over there. As she will be given a surprise to all of them there. Season kids of coach of the voice of kids they have running this show there. Shiva lammeche will be singing songs on the stage side there to doing their performance over there.

Rajesh Payal Rai will be coming into the Finale round to give their own talent of singing a song over with and give support to them there. Hope he will be doing his best on songs will be fully entertaining act will be showing there. As oppos, they have got an oppo from the manger of oppo office they have been visiting the oppos service of office there.

As Kiran Gajimir and Tara Shreesh Magar, they will be made to sing songs over into the stage side to know them. All the talent will be given their best signing once more time into the stage side there. Even they have visited the different country tour to visit there and keep enjoy their talent of songs over there.

Finalist name of The Voice of Nepal Season 3

1. Jwala Rai
2. Aryan Tamang
3. Tara Shreesh Magar

The winner of this show’s title name is Kiran Gajmir will be the winner of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Winner list of This season. He will be revived the 25 Lakhs Cash price from Civil Bank.

Grand Finale of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 will be ended here. Next time they will bring a new Season into here back. They have brought a new voice of kids into channel back in shows. Hope they will be doing this one awesome and great moment to wait for them.

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