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Phirphire Village of Tanahu of Nepal

Phirphire Village of Tanahu of Nepal is the small village area in which the people will be live under this place. Since the people will do their agricultural land into the season into their land. This place is only less than the 20 houses where people live there. There is one Rice Mill over who held doing this running featuring to make business over there.

There is a difference to move on vehicles like Scooter or Bike moving to this place. The Road will be seen only off-road there. Only the jeep will arrive to move to go this place. There is no more much house of people will be lives there. Still, the people will be working their life of Village work there.

Under this day were too much hot and unable to stay under this place to move on. Since the people will make them easier to make run mill working over there. While we have worked the rice mill place there is too much difficulty to working over there. People will be still busy in the working field of rice planting over there. But there is only less house we’re seen over from my eye to looks there.

We have to make machinery to fixed that problem to solve this. But we are unable to get to stay with the house while the sun is too much heated there. We have open the clothes then we will be working on this. Inside the house, there is a dirty rice mill with the water flow inside due to heavy Rainfall reactions enter the water there. Even the dog will make angry and loudspeaker while the unknown person to see there.

But I like that rice plants and agriculture will be working into their land to check over there. Even still people will be water flow inland and make them full of water inside the land time to time they will check own land there. We have to fix it out Huskar Mill there is currently a three-phase Line that will revert then we will make the correct format there.

But while the rainfall over this place many houses will be coming to the water inside from the house there. Then will be unable to stay own home there. It might be unable to go there. We will make them eat a launch break into that person’s house. Their road will be destroyed by the rainfall unable to move that person’s house theirs.

Phirphire Village of Tanahu of Nepal I will ever see Looks into this place. But I will feel relax and cool to see this place over there. Since the people will be happy to preserve their land while the river increases over there. But people will be safe from the landslide that place there.

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