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Visiting Ramdi Bridge in Palpa 2021

Visiting Ramdi Bridge in Palpa 2021 on July 25, 2021, we have moved from the Pokhara to Ramdi Bridge towards the Butwal. Ramdi Bridge is the famous place of village area which there is river flow to meet three different mixing them. This is a dangerous road bridge where the people will be able to move here and there. This the main point was to move towards the place of Palpa from there. There is like know them city area which the vehicles travel people will be stopped there. There are maximum people will be running their hotel there.

There is a small road where highway people or vehicles will be running out there. It projects name type K-truss bridge Through truss bridge. Many people will think that now the Palpa will be near the place we have reached this place there. Under the mentioned image, we have the name of KaliGandaki which flowing from the Mustang place the river will be meet this place. 

While I am making the shot a video time there I was able to see the rive forcus to see the people will be seen under this place there. Most people will be confused shall this place is the Ramdi Bridge or not they will be a little confused about their to know them. This is highway road under the moving from the Butwal and Palpa. This place were I ever visiting with the Scooter ride under this place to moving with live performance to see eye over there. 

Once you can Visiting Ramdi Bridge in Palpa 2021 you can feel under this place to know more and more. Even their helpline under their local people was live on it. Most the under this place of people will be taking the photo and video over this place. Even they will able to use the social media site to share under this bridge name make them famous over there. 

I have been to this place. You might as well go to this place in the middle of the whole mountain. And this place is also sitting on the slopes near the river. There are also temples in this place to see. You can also visit the temple yourself. People go to this place for their walks. You have to go to that place on the way to Palpa. This place is going to happen. If you come to Palpa soon after reaching this place, you will think.

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