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Wahiya Village of Syanjga of 2021

Wahiya Village of Syanjga of 2021 is a place of vlogs where we are moving from working place under this village area will be while moving under this one over. Since the people will be live sunder this village area over there. Since the people will be making a new rice mill will be opening to starting first days will be running it out there. Since the morning time, we arrived under this moving under this place for visiting there. Since the morning time there foggy weather will happen under the Syanjga enter time while into the Scooter ride there. 

There is cross the two rivers to visiting this village to move on there. Since the people will be working into their land making the Rice Planting under this place move on there. Since the people will be taken this move on there. Since the people will be waiting for this one over there. While we have been coming into the Naudanda Place of Syangja that person will be calls with us my father phone but while we arrived under this place that person cannot come yet there. 

While the travel to ride the scooter under there is someone will be making the calls with me there. Since that person will make the phone recharge over there. Two times that person will be calling with my phone over there. The second time I have been received that calls over there. Then She will take the I said her i will arrive that place then I will be called with me there. After I arrived at that place then I will be called with him there. 

The place was very crowded and for a while, we were walking and it was hot and after a while, the man came to the mill house. And there is a lot of heat in that place. People were busy with their work and for this work we have gone to this place in the village today. We went to that place and ate and we did our job. During the time we work, the first person to come to wake us up is also the person who came to the house.

It is also living in the day and doing your work. And we have even considered beating in the mill, we will run on our own. And I had to get up and I was forced to do it, and Father was doing his job. I had also done my job. Later, we were asked to run the mill. People have gone there. Wahiya Village of Syanjga of 2021 its too much landscape will happen to see under this village to see evergreen forest will be happening over this place over there. 

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