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Teen ka Takda episode with Badshah in Super Dancer Chapter 4

Teen ka Takda episode with Badshah in Super Dancer Chapter 4 of July 17, 2021, of Saturday episode into the Sony Television at 8 pm. It will be all contestants will give the best performance over the stage side to there. They are great and awesome performance will be making this one over there.

They are welcome from BadShah to join the Super Dancer Chapter 4 over there. He will give sings songs over there. Hosting will welcome the stage over there. Season 2 winners of  Vishal, Anish, and Akash will make them dance over there. Badshah will give good comments with them there. Geeta will give good awesome and nice for a moment to see their dance there. Badshah will give liber and Geeta also give liber also too.

Anurag will be good and give a liber over there. Shilpa will give good and well-done give liber there.

In this day and age, dancing with the ax of the 3rd chapter of the chapter. Pancras and Pari and Aksak are doing their dance in Stage here now. Badshah had commented that it is very good today. Crafts are very expensive in today’s dance. Here is Chadnu in Sedi. Geeta Kapoor herself has risen from the ashes and is said to be very valuable. Shilpa and Gita gave Liber together in today’s dance.

He also danced with Amardeep and Gaurav and Amit in today’s episode of Stage. Gita gave it to Liber herself. After watching this dance, she has also put pressure on herself. Why is the king angry? Here also gave Liber. Anurag is trying to break the silence by watching the dance here and the truth of today’s dance. The craft also felt very well dressed and gave Liber as well.

Sumit and Sacham and Bhavas are doing their staggering dance. Here they have danced on Stage. Today’s dance is also expensive. I have been here for a long time. The number that Shilpa also commented on is very valuable. Here he has also given Liber and has also climbed in Sedi. Gita has commented that it is very good. Here also gave Liber. Anurag has also commented that it is good. Here also gave Liber. Badshah also gave a direct lever in today’s dance.

Shweta and Asdhvi and Prati have danced on Stage and are giving their best here. The dance of the act here was very good to do. The Gita also said that I had never seen it. Anurag has also done a lot of dancing. The king has seen this act and has given me money. Shilpa also used to watch this Ramayana with his grandmother. The crafts are mounted directly on top of each other. Here also gave Liber.

Tushar has danced with Florina and Ditya here on Stage. There was a very expensive dance in today’s show here. There is also a straight change here. Here also gave Liber. Gita has commented that there is an outstanding dance in today’s dance. Here also gave Liber. Anurag is also very valuable in the dance of truth here. Here also gave Liber. The king also did what I did by seeing Sayak here and he also gave libre here.

Today’s show is over. You must have enjoyed it too. Teen ka Takda episode with Badshah in Super Dancer Chapter 4 really enjoy with the Saturday over there. It will continue with the next day will be updated for you here. Keep staying connected with me here also too. 

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