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When did the Nepal government give as First Vaccine whole People 2021

When did the Nepal government give as Frist Vaccine whole People 2021 as the government will focus to bring the item from the other country to bring it for them and take their first dose and the second dose to give them there use their body part into the different place? Still, the government will make trying to make give all of them to save the people on the Nepal side. But the old man and Women will take the first and second dose of the vaccine into their bodies.

But we have to wait for 2 years longer to make to wait to spend the lockdown into their home over there. Even the government will be not interested to give to the whole nation to provide the vaccine program into the different states to use them well for them. Even I have been raised this question to all Nepali people they have to get the vaccine to all dose into out into their own body part to use there.

Even a lot of young people will be asking this question even as television and program of YouTube channel video upload over there. But the government service will make it slow to given all of whole the Nepali people to use this service there. Even other people they have made to a dose of them. But we know all the ward and city area people will know this service. We are all people we need equal to give and vaccine for people.

The government will to a larger number of people to use this service into the different places of Nepal they have collected them to use their vaccine into their service place from there. Two lockdowns we have spending into our home to stay over there. But the people will not able to find out this service to know it well for this one.

They have divided the age group of people to use the vaccine for the first and second doses to use the vaccine over there. We need immediate doing this working together to all people to getting the vaccine to save the people amount them. Even they are worrier to use the vaccine in their own place use it.

Everyone needs force to the governments of Nepal they will bring a lot of vaccines to given the people to use to clear from the vaccine dose to save the people of Nepali. For foreign countries, Nepal people will also be supported our country also too but the government doesn’t care the people to looking their problems to slove it them there.

When did the Nepal government give as First Vaccine whole People 2021 we all of them wait for ready to take the vaccine to use there. But the rest of the people will be using the vaccine and share their posts on the social media site also too. I will be requesting to the government please bring some vaccines to provide to the people to given the vaccine to use their different people there.

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