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Lockdown will be Extended upto Sharwan 5 in Pokhara

Lockdown will be Extended upto Sharwan 5 in Pokhara A restraining order has been extended in Kaski till 12 noon on Sharwan 5. The Kaski District Administration Office has extended the injunction till Sharwan by easing various services saying that the situation has not been brought under control even though the infection rate and death rate of Covid 19 have come down.

Public transport will be operated only within the district as per the prohibition order, which will be effective from 12 noon on July 10. Similarly, various professions, businesses, and shops will be open from 5 am to 8 pm. Private vehicles will also be operated on a forced basis as they are now. 

According to this, the product has also come. It will take effect after 12 o’clock tonight. Please take a closer look at why you need to understand this. You have to understand this and do things. You have to keep working on your own. I have spoken in my mind that the government may have done something. But because of Corona, we have also lost a lot of people. Even today, Corona has not gone. We still have to understand what Corona is. You don’t have to go with others just because you have a corona.

The new one has been implemented from today. You can also see what happens and what does not happen. You can also look at the link. I will also share the link. Please take a good look. Here you can see that I am also wearing OK, but I am also not wearing Corona’s Vaccine, even to the people in front of us. What good is a website if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? Lockdown will be Extended upto Sharwan 5 in Pokhara hope you will keep staying the upcoming notice for this one. 


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