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Chachowk Village of Kaski

Chachowk Village of Kaski morning time we have moring this pace with the ride with the scooter over there. There is a little bit of rainfall over from the home side while moving time that place there. Since the people will be left under this place. For a long time, they have been looking for a new Mister to fixed that mill over there. The road will be made difficult while riding a scooter over with the two-person will be moving on there. Since before we have taken the Petrol into my scooter there we have put into the near from the Prithivichowk to taken this Petrol pump to put inside the scooter there. 

We arrived that within 8:20 am we have received this place over there. We are confused while making this to finding out the mill over there. Chachowk is the village of the area which there is no Rice Mill will only one area they have cover this coming into the Rice Millhouse there. We try to make open that part from the own setting tools there. That person will be unable to find out to know it well for this one. Even his own son will be looking into the mill house there.

When we arrived at that place over there. It will be big rainfall over that place time over there. Since we have to take a tea while the rainfall time over there. Since the two people will be were to talk with us there. We have called the mental person to do working into the bring the screw from the mill of Pulisar Mill there. He will work with his own land over cultivated the rice planting over there. After we have taken the Launch break after we open over there. 

After whole days we have spent over there. Then I will be making this one over there. The whole day we have been spending over this place to move on there. Since the people will be happy to see this over there. This is the first time we have made to change this part of our lifetime. Since the will bring tom the Bhanu machinery to bring this part from there. 

He will give the noted number from the Bhanu Machinery over there. He will be called with us there. Then he will be calls our father’s phone number there. Since yesterday we have come under this place to working over there. Due to heavy rainfall, we cannot move on there. Chachowk Village of Kaski we have to fix it out this problem under this one over there. Since the Problem under this one Pulisar will be working over to fix this one there.

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