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Today Last Day of Asar month 2078

Today Last Day of Asar month 2078 which it been starting the first day on Tuesday of Asar 1st 2078 will be started it here. Here now it will be ended from 31st will be ended on Thursday in 2078. Since there is 31 days will be running under this Month. Since the Nepali Calendar will be sending this way to know them it well for this one. Since the people will be wait for the moment will be ended.

Even i also be wait for this moment to reach this place to ended here. Since the Asar we have listen out the Landslide into the different place of Nepal. They are miss out their house whole facing the issue of Landslide but the people of government didn’t help with the people level to know them this way to do. Even the lot kf video will be published under the video channel to getting see the News happen there.

Even this days will be started for the monsoon time will be starting into the Nepal. While the monsoon time we needs aware with the landslide and flood to checking into their areas to see their. Even we have also be been update for the people know them well for this one. But I am also be update for this moment to know them to update into my channel also too.

I have visiting some of place of only under the Kaski Place of gandaki zone which ever visited that place to update the video sharing into that place to goes on there. Hope you will doing it fine to know them well for this moment on it. But the people will be unable to them to sharing the such kind of video sharing into my channel. Even the alot of support and love I have been update this things happened under to see there.

Asar month I have see the difference celebrate festivals will be running to see there. Even the Asar month I have also getting the birthday of month which I haven’t cut an hair into this month to do there. As long time I have been waiting for this moment to ended and bye bye the Asar MO th 2078. Hope we will be meet the another year to see this things happen over this one there.

There is heavy rainfall into our city of pokhara which near from the seti River will follow the landslide over the different part of place we will be listen out the news over there. Still the people will be lives on Seti River to stay own home to shelter over there. Still the people didn’t have to think about the landslide flooding into that area to getting this one over there.

Today Last Day of Asar month 2078 this month I have lot of things will be capture and remain to getting his update for under to mention to all fans and viewer people to know it them to wait for this month under. Even i have been welcome to Asar month 2078 since few days ago or feww week ago I have been sharing under into this website to people to update here.

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