New Update on YouTube Shorts In Nepal 2021

New Update on YouTube Shorts In Nepal 2021 for announcements of YouTube Creator will be uploading a video on YouTube then they have been said to all Globally countries will able to make their shorts video with 15 seconds and 60 seconds video to create from Android and iOs Device can make their shorts video on YouTube. This new will be excited to wait for a moment to update under our country Nepal.

Since the few countries have been target to getting this feature into their device to use this shorts video own channel to know. Hope you can trying anywhere country to make these Youtube Shorts on the YouTube channel.

How to See the YouTube Short in Android and iOs in Mobile

1. Simple you can open your YouTube Apps
2. You can see the dashboard of your home page you see the + option there to click there
3. Click on the + option then You can see the Create a Shorts over
4. Just click into there
5. You can try for 15 seconds and 60 seconds video you can edit yourself over there.
6. After the video will do then you can click submit or upload there.

This was the step to know to follow to rule to checking out over there. Hope you will be listening to it out this step to know them over there. Since I am also be waiting for this moment of update in Nepal. But they have to try to request from the audience level to listen the feedbacks over to k ow them this feature back on it.

One thing you have been remembering on there is 100 Million funds will giving the shorts video those who getting more view and reach number impressions in the video then he/she will get to win this prize as well it. But there is no update when they have update results under this one. Hope you can remember this thing to using to make YouTube Shorts to use it.

Hope you will happy to see their upload option if the video is clear way to listen to it out there. If you have any confusion you can find me search under the YouTube channels to find this video over there. The video will be already published out there. You can find the name of “Mr. Laxman” to getting a touch to listen to the languages of a Nepali to check there.

Hope you will notice under this video over there. Hope you will bring it a lot and a lot of support and find my way to learn from there. Hope you will do this thing overall. Below the line of a paragraph, you will know it well for this one. Hope you will do this thing right now. Your video will be seen on the Shorts Beta option under your profile of a YouTube Channel there.

New Update on YouTube Shorts In Nepal 2021 hat a new and awesome story of video will be upload over here. Hope you will do it and make then start a Shorts video from YouTube channel there. People will be able to do this thing while they have been checking it out there.

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