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Tvs WeGo Bills Payment info of my Scooter in Pokhara

Tvs WeGo Bills Payment info of my Scooter in Pokhara at Batas Showroom on servicing center in Pokhara. Since after a long time we have visited this place to servicing over to check up over there. Since the people will be needs warrior to make this one over there. Here some of the List I will be announced or mention under my Scooter Bills update here. 

Full-Service Bills 

S.N No. Descripation Quality Unit Unit Price Line Disc. Amount Amount
1 Full Service 1 1 495.58 495.58
2 Silent Block Bush 1 1 265.49 265.49
3 Clutch Shoe Cange 1 1 265.49  265.49
Total Amount 1,0266.5
Discount Amount 0.00
Total Taxable Amount  1,0266.5
13% VAT 133.45
Total NPR Incl. VAT 1,160.01

Change Replace Part Bills Payment

S.N No. No. 2 Descripation Quantity Unit Unit Price Amount
1. TRU4P001E This TRU4 PREMIUM 10W30 ENGINE OIL 1LTR 1 LTR 606.19 606.19
2. K6070300 CLUTCH ASSY 1 PCS 2,673.45 2,673.45
3. K3082510 V-BELT DRIVE (12✕215✕28) 1 PCS 1,369.91 1,369.91
4. K3090380 SILENT BLOCK BRUSH 2 PCS 100.88 201.77
5. 2.420L JUT 1 PCS 57.52 57.52
Total Amount 4,908.84
Discount Amount -1.76
Total Taxable Amount 4,907.08
13% VAT 637.92
Total NPR Incl. VAT 5,545.00

These are bills payment updates which I have payment with the Tvs showroom on Pokhara valley there. For a long time, I haven’t visited this place to move on there. Since the due to Heavy Rainfall over happen under this place to move on there. Hope you will be followed up on this bill’s payment with my scooter bills to mention to update for you here. Hope you will be finding out and check out this bill update under my scooter bills to get a large payment under this one there. 

Tvs WeGo Bills Payment info of my Scooter in Pokhara already mentioned to you here. Hope you will keep reading out this and keep sharing your title under to your website to view will be watching it out to know this bills update for the user will know about this thing to mention them over there. 

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