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Tanuja Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 Part 2

Tanuja Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 Part 2 of July 11, 2021, which she will be joined with us this episode or weekend time to stay connected with. Tanaju will be trying to enjoy this weekend and expire to learn some things new from this there. Tanaju will be making sharing her past life to know them to expire will be sharing into the stage as live shows over there. 

The show of listening to Super Dancer Chapter 4 has started in today’s shows. Your gurus are also asked to dance. Sanchita and Vartika are also asked to dance with Stage today to give a good dance in Stage. Tanaju commented that today’s dance is very good. Shilpa also commented that it is very good. Anurag was also very good. Today’s performance is a little better. Here is the Liber. Gita commented that there should have been a little better feeling in dance songs today.

Has danced in Stage with Florina and Tushar has danced well here in Stage. Gita has said that I will write this in the comments as well. Here too, Liber has given. I am also happy to see Anurag dancing to Florina, and here she is. According to Tanaju’s excellent dance performance. Shilpa has also commented. He also gave Liber and climbed on top. Tanaju also gave Liber.

Arshia and Anuradha are dancing on Stage. Here they are also giving their dance on Stage. Tanaju has commented here. Here also gave Liber and Gita also gave Liber. The craft has also made a difference in the dance today. The Liber craft has also climbed the ladder. Anurag is also very good at watching the act. Take it here and take it yourself.

Pratiti and Shwestha are dancing on Stage. Shilpa has commented that she has become very emotional. Liber was given here and the ladder was climbed by myself. Bhanu and Liber also said that Tanaju is very good. And Anurag also felt good that he was great and also gave Liber. Gita also gave and said that Zarina was good in the middle of the dance and also gave Liber. 

Shilpa has said that Sarati was worried about her family. I have done this on the day of worship of Pratiti’s mother. Dancing on Stage with Amit and Amardeep. They are dancing well here today. Gita is very good in today’s action in today’s dance. I have said that Tanaju is very scared in the Honor movie. Shilpa has commented that it is one of our best songs.

Anurag said Honor’s act is good and also gave Liber. It’s time to dump her and move on. Gita says that she is 61 years old. Tanaju was happy to be here today. Judges have also teamed up with Tanaju. The family of Super Dancer is here. In today’s show, the daughter has also shared a video of some message with her mother.

He said that he has always been inspired by watching the video sent by Tanaja’s Daughter and has believed that he will always love her. Today’s episode of the chapter has also ended. Tanuja Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 Part 2 will be ended here right now. Hope you will be finding out next weekend will be updating it here.


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