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Syangja Khadka Village Visiting Today in Nepal

Syangja Khadka Village Visiting Today in Nepal with the rice mill will doing under this one. Since the morning time, there is a lot of rainfall over to see there. Due to some of the landslide will happen under the road line cannot working under this place. Some of the people will make their own work with on housework there. Since the morning we will be lives own home there.

We had to visit this place to further checking the rice mill over this. It might be made default of current line of three-phase line over there. Then we correct the format over there. We had to make this work into the mill house there. Some of the people will be seen over the mill house there. Our clothes will make cools with the water inside the body part cannot take to feels cool over there.

After I have been taken tea over there. After taken a tea it will feel hot over this one over there. That owner wife and husband will be looking into this place over there. Since a few days ago he trying to fix the mill of Huskar Mill over to checking under there. He didn’t fix it out this mill over there. Then he will call my father’s phone number to see you’re also coming into our place to check the mill there.

We have spent over the time with the 10 am there. After we have taken a launch over there. Before eating the launch time we talk over there. Even the current line didn’t work properly over there. The road isn’t well for a walk around over the village area there.

It will be continued the rainfall over there. Here a little bit of rain over there. Our wearing the raincoat wearing over there. All inside part it will be seen the water over there. That big problem happens under this to move on there. But we have fixed the rice mill problem under this Khadka Village there.

Syangja Khadka Village Visiting Today in Nepal it’s an amazing day I have been spending the morning time over visiting this place to move on there. Even the people will be stay own home there. Due to rainfall, I feel too little coldest with myself over there. We are unable to move under while visiting into the rainfall there.

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