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Asar 4th days Pokhara will be seen the sun at evening time

Asar 4th days Pokhara will be seen the sun at evening time after a few days it has been seen this sun will into the outside place from own home there. Then I will feel bored while seen this moment to der over there outside place from there. For this happen will doing this it will feel bored cannot stay own home there.

Even I can not stay own home over there. While I listen to watch the tv there. Due to the high amount of pressure that will be coming into the brain there. Here we can see this monsoon will be changed will there here right now. Hope you look outside the place to see it right now. People will see this moment to take to sun from outside place there.

After the heavy rainfall in Pokhara place, we have to see their place. Even I will slow the air will be coming into the own house. Even the increase will be slow decrease rate as a normal way to flowing through own way there. People will be busy bringing raw material from the river. People will be finding out there river side to bring the materials will bring from own place there.

Sun will rise to see the outside it will be automatic coming to the water into from own body part there. Due to what happened on it then I will be taking water to drink over there. But we have happy to der this sun while during this time. But it will continue heavy rainfall in Asar 1st days it can not image to see another place to see the ness of landslide to see on video on the social media page.

Today evening time there is no rainfall over to see into the sky. Even I see the sky is blue into the sky from my eye to see there. The eye will see cloudy happen to see the normal way to see there. While seeing this thing happen over there. It will be happy to other hills forest to know as clear wat to know them.

Asar 4th days Pokhara will be seen the sun at evening time it has been updating change will increase monsoon rainfall will be stopped our place there is no continue rainfall out place. How was your place let me know about be the comment box over there? Then you can leave your comment there I will know well about your weather condition over there.


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