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Be Safe from Floods and landslides in Nepal 2021

Be Safe from Floods and landslides in Nepal 2021 Floods and landslides have also affected many places. People have also helped others to keep their word. In many places there have been hours of landslides. There is a big river in our place in our house. We have more and more houses around our house. There are also people living near the river. So many people can move from one place to another. Why do people have to live for their lives? I also feel sad when I listen to these hours.

Narayani Khola, Seti Khola, Kaligandaki Khola, Magdi Khola, and other rivers have also become big. The Narayani Khola pool has also become big. Other rivers have also risen. There is no more water. People close to the house have also heard of it. And there is. Gand has also come in the mouth of the river. But people are sitting in the river watching. I also went yesterday and the river was too big. And I went to see her twice, at other times I also stayed at home.

People have also helped to save their lives. People have also been helped by the army. And videos have also been added. People have also uploaded videos from their mobiles. He has also made his friends and brothers happy by posting videos. It is also warned not to stay in this place. Other media friends have also taken their mobiles to live on their channel. You have also been harassed.

The rivers of many places have become big now. The small river that used to flow has become bigger. But people are also helping others for their word. I haven’t even thought about what Corona is at the moment. I think people should go to their safe place. You have to help other people after what you have said. You have helped at this time. In the days to come, it will be easier for us to do some work. Be Safe from Floods and landslides in Nepal 2021 while during this time you can go respective area which you can safe over from this riverside.

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