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Very foggy weather this morning in Pokhara

Very foggy weather this morning in Pokhara It had been raining since last night. It is raining now in the morning. Looking outside now, it looks like a cloud is hovering over the hills. I have also seen the mountains today. I feel very cold in the morning. In the morning people are working in their homes. It may be raining in your area. It is always raining in our pond. The rivers have also become bigger. The river has also become bigger since yesterday. Now Jesus is gone in the morning.

And here it is again in another Lochkadov, we are thinking about what to do and what not to do. I haven’t even got it right yet, even in Pokhara when Lochkadov was added. It was installed in Kathmandu yesterday and our Pokhara has also been added. People also do their work after the rains. The housework is done. You may have put a board here too.

Again, like a downpour, towards our place. Even if it rains, nothing will happen, but people have worked for their cause. Landslides caused by heavy rains everywhere. Landslides have also been reported in some places. Hurricane is also time. People have also started Ropali time. The people of the village are also busy with their work. The people of the village are also worried about the landslide. The water has also made it difficult for people to live.

Clouds have also been placed in the sky above and now it is raining again. Even this year, the water level has risen. What is your place? There is no rain in Pokhara yet. Very foggy weather this morning in Pokhara still happen will happen to see the foggy weather happen to see this one over there. Still, there is no fixed time to rainfall over into our place to see this one. 

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