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How was Your Lockdown Spend in Nepal

How was Your Lockdown Spend in Nepal is feels bored while making this lockdown in Nepal. Since there is a long time we have spending into the home to stay safe from this virus. But the government will be made to tells with our health care but the people cannot able to finding out this case to check up those people in this Lockdown. There is a lot of company will be close down which he/she didn’t get to running own Family. 

During this covid-19 we have unable to feels stay own home to stay over there. even the people will be needs walk around the home and another place further working into there. Because they have to make this process od this one. Some of the worker who lives to eat and daily make earn daily money to save their life it’s very much difficult to run their life. Even there are thousands of people will be facing this problem under this lockdown time in Nepal. 

Because of this elasticity, we have not even found a person in our bank. For someone in the bank, we have to go in our white cloth. People get hit even by wearing a mask. People are also interested in doing their job. What has the government done to us by being flexible? It is not even given that I am going to take food items in Lockdown. And the police are not given even if they have their own work to do. The government has to be persuaded to do its job. And you have to go to work. But what will happen to the people? He is fighting for his life by eating the money of the people.

In this Lockdown, you may be watching a video on your YouTube. And even sitting at home, Bored is taken away. If you do this today, you will be able to do it tomorrow. People get bored even when they are at home. That’s why people get out of the house. Many people. People are also busy with their work as to why they are staying at home. In the village, work is done at home, but people living in the market are also worried about living at home. Even I ask this question again How was Your Lockdown Spend in Nepal 2021 let’s share this info with all people why we cannot stay on lockdown in Nepal. 


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