A strong wind blew in Pokhara yesterday

A strong wind blew in Pokhara yesterday It started at 1 o’clock in the day. I was sitting in my room and suddenly the wind came and I was thinking in my mind whether it was an Earthquake or not. Dolan upwards. I am also uploading videos on my mobile. By making a video and also by making a small video click on the channel. And the wind has never been like this in my life. I have done all the work for you.

I was sitting in the room but I couldn’t sleep. After a while in the room, we ate our lunch. The wind was blowing. People were also sitting in the house due to the wind. And the wind would blow us away. You may also watch the video yourself. I’m looking at my place. I made my house from tea. It was like that for a while and then it was like before.

This also happens during the month. This month people dry their belongings on the house. My mother had dried the millet on the roof and the rod did not go because of the wind. He had gone here knowingly. And it doesn’t have to be this way. There are also many restrictions on air. It was hot during the day and we went out to see it. And after a while people came, that’s what happened. I was also happy that I was also sitting there wondering what to do. And my choice is to stay for tomorrow.

This may have happened in your house during the day. After I made a small video, it may have happened in other people’s houses as well. Even at this time, we have to watch the video with other people to see how big the wind is. The house is blown away by the wind. Garo is also in the house of three. But if there is Dungha in the house of three, there is also Garo. Something has to come to mind. There is big A strong wind blew in Pokhara yesterday without life I haven’t looking this happen over there. 

Even the people will be excited to see this reaction over the outside place from the home side. Even in the daytime I will feel much not needs to wait for the rainfall over into the outside. Because feels to make me much hotter myself over there. You also saw the fun yesterday. You were living in your own house. I never thought it would happen yesterday. I have never lost it in my life. You may want to see why I saw you, but others also need to see it.

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