Big Problem happen into eSewa counter

Big Problem happen into eSewa counter since a few days ago I have given that person will be sending me an eSewa account because there is a big amount that will be happening into my account there. Some fewer people will be using the while sending an NTC Balance there with my customer. That person will be sending me the balance on my mobile phone. Even I also be confused while I ask the teams to given that number to him there.

Before I said to him sending me money into my account there. He will be calling me at 10:30am but he said I sent to your esewa account then let me know another money will be sent to me. He will give me money from the mobile Sim phone. While I have to send the money from there. Even I will be asking the problems to eSewa teams further this case to know this one. Even the whole day will be asked to call the phone to the Nepal Telcom there. He will also give a better understanding this solve this problem there.

He will given the problem provide with the prepaid number to given this number sending balance transfer from the esewa teams will be helping me this issue to solve this one. Even I have to try to sending the NTC balance to those mention numbers to see there. Even the two times so sending the with the amount Rs 8500 to give mention number to provide to given this one. But then he will give me Hamper to provide the Rs 1500 to pending on this.

But I cannot send money with him there. Even he will do the mistake over while sending mistake sending me on balance into my phone even. He will have information to me while sending another number to doing this one request to balance those numbers will be sent to me here. Even I also to talk that person needs to needs pending your balance over there. Hope you will be clear about this one there. Otherwise, when I sending to balance transfer to other then I will be sending the balance to you there.

Hope I will try my best while sending the balance into my phone there. But that person will give the number then I will be Sending that person will number from my side there. That is my big mistake to give the person to money with him their own home. Even he will be doing help me doing this working under this issue. But I saw this issue happen in my life. Even the 10k Rs is a big amount I have to collect this one. Under this one very much big problem happen into my life there.

Hope this is a big problem happening in this one. Even he will be doing this one happen. Even I haven’t trusted this person with life there. I cannot trust that person who having mistakes happen in my life there. I cannot do help this person’s under this one. I haven’t faced this one under this one into my life. Sometimes while making a cash counter sometimes might be a problem happen to see this one. Even I also call the esewa offer further doing this issue happen to see this problem into load in eSewa.


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