Many people in Lockdown have connected to the internet

Many people in Lockdown have connected to the internet in Nepal Why do we have internet in our homes? We can’t do anything without the internet. And because of the internet, we get to see a lot of things at home. Even though it is not in the market now, the villages have also got access to the internet. The Internet has also made your job much easier. Today’s internet services are also very good. It is very much in its infancy at the present time. This person has also spoken.

In the current year, more people have taken internet service at home than in the previous year. And companies have done this in many places for their own money. And I am also happy to have internet service at home. After the internet in the village house, some of them came to us. And now is the time to learn from the Internet and learn from your schoolteachers yourself.

After Lochkadov Bae, people spend money to connect to their homes. And having internet in your home makes it easier for yourself. Some people don’t know how to pay, they don’t get recharged because of the reason. The things I have said are why we need the internet and why you have to connect to the internet. Why do we need the Internet? Why can’t we do anything without the internet?

Now our government has also given the budget for this project to the companies. And WorldLink‘s company is also in trouble. All these places should serve the people. It also works so that people don’t have to talk about things if they don’t have internet anywhere. In Nepal, the internet has been at a much higher rank than in other countries. All the people from the internet have learned a lot from YouTube. And YouTube channels also have their own videos. In this Lockdown, we also put a video.

People around my house also have an internet connection. This is because you have to connect to the Internet for the sake of your promise. We don’t even have to leave our house. And you don’t even have to use the internet in other homes. It is also for yourself. It should also be clean with the work itself. So that Many people in Lockdown have connected to the internet to home purpose and own way working doing there. 

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