How to Buy NTC Data Pack From eSewa

Buy NTC Data Pack From eSewa this feature will be updated under this app’s version to check it out there. We need able to waiting this moment to use this app over there. Even teams will agree on this update to mention those people who held into use the eSewa apps. We are happy to use the NTC data package to purchase from eSewa App and Website throw also too there. Mostly the highly recommended will be able to wait for this moment on there. 

How we can  purchase this NTC Data Pack in eSewa Apps

  • Goto your eSewa Apps
  • Login your username and password/pin
  • Then you login option submit or finger pinter to scan there. 
  • You can scroll into the home page side there
  • Choose in Popular Service option to buy there

This under from the purchase of this package from the eSewa mobile apps there. So that How to Buy NTC Data Pack From eSewa into the pc and Apps there. You need able to download this app into available from Andriod and iOs version to checking right now there. This will be available from the website and mobile apps there. Right now how we can check us into the package able to checking into there.

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