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Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 12

Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 12

Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 12 it held on April 24, 2021, held on Himalaya TV HD channel at 8 pm on Nepali Time. Sushil will be welcome the episode of the Battle Round infornt of the stage-side there. Now the battle goes on team Trishna pairing the group sings over there. Jwala and Ajay will both of them were paring of songs together. They are ready for Battle on the stage there. That song Prabhu singer which the Rai caste people will know about This songs. Pramod also is excited to see the performances about the comment there.

Coach Trishna good comment with Ajay while sings this difficult song to see this one. Even Trishna will choose the Jwala to get more next round of knock-out round to select there. Ajay isn’t select for the next round. His journey will be ended here now. The next battle goes on team Deep. Dhurba and Ishan will make a pairing with the coach deep select them. Both of them doing powerful singing and rocking into the stage there. Ishan will be selected as the choice for the next round of knockout. Coach Deep will directly give a choice with them quick discussion. Dhurba isn’t select for this round. His journey will be ended here.

Now next battle goes teams Pramod contestants to take a battle with paring friends there. Barsha and Dharmendra will be compared with the paring group to share singing songs on the stage there. Both the team Pramod will be rocking over there. This is the third battle of coach Pramod here. Under this battle, I have really enjoyed it a lot there. Even people want to be excited while the part of knock-out selection there. Both of them really sang well for us. Both of them were good and nice for this one. All coaches will give good comments with them there. Both of them really sang really well for it.

The coach will choose the Dharmendra into the next round to knock out selected there. He will be decided really well. Barsha isn’t select for this round. Her journey will be ended here. Hope she will singing really well for us. As the audience will be looking forwards to her. This is Battle Round which two pairings will sing a song the same way there. Barsha will make an emotional while sharing some things with audiences for one more time in the voice of Nepal season 3.

Even the Dharmendra mother and father will be coming into the stage while her own son will singing on the TV screen. Even they are meet with Pramod there. As they will support their own son to see this. Even Dharmendra’s mother will sing a song at the request of coach Pramod she will do a song there.

Now last battle goes on team Raju. Nirmala and Urmila both choose as pairing into the battle round there. Both of them trying really well done on singing there while particle there. Hope the coach will give they will be better on the final battle round there. All the coaches will comment about the Urmila songs this was difficult to sing a song there. Even the Raju will call baby what mistake happens on both of them singing style there. Raju will choose the Urmila to goes on the knock-out round. It’s very much difficult while choosing this selection with coach Raju. Raju lama will sings their own songs of Bhai Tika Chetna Paula with Nirmala to with them there.

She is really to cry while she isn’t select for this round on the Voice of Nepal Season 3. Hope upcoming days she will bring doing awesome and rocking on it. She will get bless wishes from your future journey to move on there. Sushil will close this weekend of a battleground of the first weekend upcoming how much we have faced it out to see it there.

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