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6 Year complete the Earthquake happen in Nepal

6 Year complete the Earthquake happen in Nepal

6 Year complete the Earthquake happen in Nepal held on April 25 with a magnitude of 7.8 will coming into the first day of Baisakh month we have faced this day into this year. Since 2072 B.S. we have a lot of miss under this due to earthquake people will lose their family and their own house also too. Even the government will be helping the earthquake people to construct their houses there. But some of the poor family members have missed the people. Even a lot of people will be finding the dead from the earthquake. Special the history place of the house will be destroyed by the earthquake there.

Even the Dahara break down into the piece even the people were looking to see the beautiful place of Kathmandu valley from there. Even this day me and my father further working in the Kusma place of Nepal which we have set a furniture mill over there. While the eating the launch break into the afternoon time this happens to see this effect while the big earthquake happens to react and feels with us there.

People didn’t even sleep that day. People have also moved from the house to the nearby ground. I also remember this day. And people were flocking to their homes. And the man of the house must have been living with his family. And maybe he had friends too. Twice a month it has gone to Earthquake. And who came later? It was a very dangerous day and one that people will never forget. Friends may have lived well in their own homes. And social media also posted videos.

There was danger in many places. And the old house was gone too. And it would take a lot of effort to make it. And the properties that were there are also gone. I also called home and told you if you want to stay well. And the people at home knew it was too big. I was thinking of doing this yesterday, but I didn’t have my own. That’s why I’m here today. It has been 6 years now

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