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Visiting FaidiKhola Syangja place of Nepal

Visiting FaidiKhola Syangja place of Nepal

Visiting FaidiKhola Syangja place of Nepal since they before yesterday I went going this place for working fields with father works there. Since the day time, the weather isn’t good for travel into this place to move on there. Since there is the problem behind that person will be calling our father there. Because he will make time going this place to move on there. Since the people of wearing here and their side. We have changed only the part of machinery item from bringing it that. 

That person will be calling with his wife while there are no people will happen to see there. That person’s wife will be calling the Krishna Mister will coming from the Pokhara you need coming on mill house then meet with them as a problem to share here. We bring some of the items coming from the scooter infornt to coming it smoothly there ride there. Because there is a lot of vehicles running into this highway place over there. 

This is the work I have done for my father, the only other work I have done here. Here he has done his own thing. And I have done my job too. The people here have come and talked to Baba themselves. Everything was said here with Baba. We also came quickly from Pokhara. He had left in the morning to come here and we had brought the same. And for the same reason, we have been brought. And we are also people who come in our own time. But on the way, it is also driven in its own way. And you have to run it yourself, you have to run the video yourself.

Today and tomorrow, the weather is not good. It is the same in many places. This place is also in a very hot place. And the summer months are also very hot. The heat also makes it difficult to work. You have to look good while working. And the roll is healed. The roll is forged. And Bayern is back. It has done two things.

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