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Fitting the Grass machinery on Matepani Pokhara

Fitting the Grass machinery on Matepani Pokhara

Fitting the Grass machinery on Matepani Pokhara This morning we went to this place around 8 o’clock in the morning. And the people from They also came and I also worked in this place myself. All the work has been done by the father. And we also moved the mill. And a man has come to work. We also have time to work. And people took my scooter and went out. And here he is going for his work. And I’m focused on my work. Anu had gone here. And I made that guy work, too.

Here they went to get the same things. And I was here too. And I did too. And the day was not good for me since morning. And a man from his father was also doing. He had given his belongings here and said that he would come tomorrow. And that’s what we’re trying to do. Here he gave his belongings and the opinion that he came with his son. And here’s why he’s trying to figure it out. And because of my shock, I thought I would come tomorrow with Brian. And here I was.

They have gone here and done our work. The work done here was also good. And here he did his job, I also had to go out and he went to get the same. And he has done the same thing again. The man has been found and buried in the ground below. And here, too, he seemed to be happy. There is also an opinion that people are forced to do their new business here. And the opinion that we have to do on our own land is that the mill is also broken.

On the day we moved here, we were busy with our work. And the work done here has never been misunderstood. On this day it is done in the morning. And the morning time is also very good because after sunbathing it is also very cold to work. We have done this work because it is easier to do our work before the sun, not barley. It was laid out and we paid for it after we finished our work.

Not much money has been given here. If the work here is good, it will be easy for the good. It’s easier said than done. He has done his job here. Here we have to work with ourselves. And here’s the spice I’ve worked with.

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