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A tree near the house has been cut down today

A tree near the house has been cut down today

A tree near the house has been cut down today And I was forced to cut down the tree. And I also did Jesus Help Jardim. Then he went to cut down a tree near the house. And what a beautiful sight to behold near your home. We also have to look at this while living at home. The tree was also very Rahu. And we used to have a lot of food along the way. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Cutting is followed by a dozer on the road.

The tree trunks were kept the same. And we also have our own Tesco Dahur. For Dahur, we have to cut down trees. He is also cutting down a tree and keeping it in his house. Trees should not be cut down. Trees also pose a serious threat to us. People don’t even think about the latter. I don’t even think about what will happen later. That tree is in the middle of the road. But we have done it today to be on our own land.

You can see the people cutting down the trees in the photo. After cutting the tree in the photo, it belongs to the party, and then it is cut into pieces. After doing this, it is easy to see how good it has become near the house. There was also a toilet near this tree. Toilet has also been removed. Toilet was also not good for There. Toilet has not been done inside the house but has also been done outside since today. If people go to Toilet, they have to go there.

We have cut down the tree completely and worked on our own. There was a lot of wind at the time of cutting. The tree was small but not very big. Because of the tree, we would have been able to return very easily. From today, this tree is not near our land.

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