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Making Fitting Gate in New House in Pokhara

Making Fitting Gate in New House in Pokhara

Making Fitting Gate in New House in Pokhara in ward no 13 this gate will bring few month ago to bring it. Yesterday they have doing work much hard working on this. They making to changing a Wheel move here and there. They have fit a lick down in the ground. Since they before yesterday there is heavy RainFall into our place in Pokhara. So that’s working will be stopped there. Then yesterday this work and others work will be finesh this one. There is three people were working this.

This gate were second hate which we bring from metal workshops peoples will fitting our house before so that we will discuss to bring this one. The he will bring this one. This gate is Normal one show in New House. Even I haven’t captured a image from mobile devices. Today I will Going on there to click capture there. While fitting this gate there is lots of time will spending there. Then we have shit there. What people will be doing this work. What’s people will working to Fitting this one.

We have see this while doing working nicely or not. This main thing to do watch it out there. Before that they have make lick in the Dalan with iron to fixed it there. They have look straight while straight or not. Then fix into lick there. We are happy to see this thing while see the show happens there. Even we have lot of things to be mentioned there’s. They have set iron which gates on direct positions there.

The gate will fine to work nicely while we haven’t tested this one’s check on there. This gate is the lick system which move with a hand here and there. Gate will make by metal workshop in Pokhara. As long years he will do this for working this field. Still people doing little bits lazy while fitting time of gate. But doing it successfully works to fix it. Whole parts will make a iron. They have worked own way to do. But while Doing this work we didn’t disturb there. As they called this join will little outside part to see there.

But that’s person will good and nice work with the rate. Every thing will doing working nicely there. Finally we got Fitting Gate in New House looking very nice to see there. Gates is important to safe and design of house looks from outside places. We are satisfied this work fittings this gate there.

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