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Received Adsense pin from YouTube in Nepal 2021

Received Adsense pin from YouTube in Nepal 2021

Received Adsense pin from YouTube in Nepal 2021 which I just applied for 3 times applied for pin request from the adsense accounts. Even I chat live with the staff they have told to me. Please wait for a moment after 5 weeks later then if you apply for 3 times for pin request from adsense accounts. Then after I call nearest places of postal codes offices of Pokhara. Official peoples will be call received from my call. Then I request from that person to see my name was come or not? Then he will be check the name which mentions on phone call.

Afternoon time I call the official postal of I direct call to there. The I open to start a scooter then I going for the place to receive adsense pin there. Before enter in front of gate i pick off the phone to take a videos shot for myself to share the info of postal office of Pokhara. At afternoon time I arrived that place while before I call there. From our Nepal case is the while coming a adsense pin we need to going on postal office to visit there.

Now we have use a internet to search a phone number any office number to finding. While enter on postal office we need write a name and address into the book which the person will look into shit on table while move forward from the gate office. This is the government offices which any letter sending from international to receive from near locations which you fill it. Then I entered room 8 to received a adsense pin from there.

That before going that place call there then I requested him to find out my name there. He will find a name there. Again we wanted to call me back then I call myself again he told me your number this. You must be visit office to receive your pin in room number 8. Then I move there received there. While I see the adsense pin I will be happy moment after a long time I received this pin from YouTube. From case of nepal side there’s slowly coming a adsense pin to received.

While receiving a fixed date and time to check mention we cannot received a pin from there. As adsense will mentioned into the dashboard in homes page to see there. Minimum days we will waiting for this. While I asked office people they have said you can’t received within month. That why I leave this thing. But finally I got it and active a pin already. Even I make a video also too. I received this pin in Nepal in Pokhara places. Long time I wait this one.

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