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Today I talked to Milan about home

Today I talked to Milan about home

Today I talked to Milan about home Here even small things can be done with me. The work done here is good because you are very angry because the work is done well by yourself. And we were supposed to give it to those who built our house, but there is an opinion that it should not be given to people. And we have given this work to the people of Paladar. The outsiders have done it themselves. And according to what I said, Milan has said the whole thing. Here it is very easy to do things. Here is the ship to go with you.

Here he also does housework and other work. Here we are sitting in the living room. You also talk about sorrow and happiness. There is nothing wrong with that. Here he has spoken knowingly. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. He has already been working in Kathmandu. Here, these works are very fast and good, but sometimes they are also very slow.

But there is also a lot of work to do. And work is also a matter of beekeeping. Do all the housework here. The house here is towards Okhaldung. A lot of work is done here towards Kathmandu. Most of the work here is done on the side of your house. Here he also believes me. And I also believe. Now our housework can be done. He is planning to go home after this

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