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Yesterday Working in Naudanda in Morning

Yesterday Working in Naudanda in Morning

Yesterday Working in Naudanda in Morning from we move from Pokhara to the Naudanda place further at night time in the morning time at 5:15am to heading from Pokhara. We have moved from the highway of Pokhara-Baglung it moves from our place to further go shortcuts roads. There is too much cold while riding a scooter in the morning time. Still, the people’s of college students will happen several places in roads side. Some people are running in a morning wake in the road.

While we are reaching Hemja place there are lots of Army’s running around inroads with two or three people in one way to run there. We have driven slowly while winds flowing into cheese ahead. Even I checked a light into in front of roads. Some parts were good and nice going smoothly. Some parts go hardly with digging area to ride a scooter there. After a 50 minute, we arrived at that’s place. Then we need a break before reach a place in Naudanda.

After we called that person via phone call even the first call they haven’t received and again the second time we call it will be received it. The female will pick up the phone speak with the father. Before search a phone call Father give me a try to call that person then I call it. Father will talk about it. That person will say you can come here’s house. He will go to bringing milk of Buffalo in house. After we move to the distant house then the females will ask us. I will make tea for you.

Even the main person will come that will ask first we take a tea and asked some questions for you while taking a tea time. We enter his home and takes tea. We moved mill house to check-in machine problems to solve it. Father doing a Husar to open it which the problem said to father. Even I opened another machine of Disk Mill to changing an L and I to open an inside part. Slowly my hand is cold there. Then open it and change it there.

All machines will check that’s person everything’s will fine. We bring parts of the machine in vehicles which they share a problem in phone call then we bring it. Since morning times much colder there. Our work will fine and good and customer will be satisfied with our work there. Even from time to time person will call us while problems happen in the machine. Simple work doing themselves doing. If not fine then we move on to it.

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