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Why do you love your mother

Why do you love your mother

Why do you love your mother From the youngest to the oldest, people love their son and daughter for their saints, but mothers love their son and daughter for many things. I also remember some things. If I have to do something, I have to think about why it hasn’t happened. This mother’s love is very much. The mother has raised herself in ten months. Horkhyae and children love a lot of things.

We also love our own things. But when you make love, you can always fall in love. But because of this world, we can’t do anything. But no matter how hard you try, the same thing happens. There is an opinion that a big thing in the mind will hurt because of this. People in the world love their mother very much. The mother’s mind is also very small.

In our country, the mother is spoken of. I don’t know how much I loved my mother. But also kept in mind. It seems that others do not even know about the mind. But the mother has given me a lot of love. My mother loves me too. There is not only love but also complete help. One day I also helped my mother.

I have come to this place because of my mother. But there is also talk of my envelope. I have done many good and bad things in my life with my mother and love is a lot of ass. It’s very similar to your daughter. Mother and daughter love a lot. When your home goes to other people’s house, mother’s love is only that much. 

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