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Today working on Bolder in Pokhara

Today working on Bolder in Pokhara

Today working on Bolder in Pokhara onward 13 in Arba Vijaya place which the backside of the house will dong this work on it. Since there is less working happen to see this one. Since the people will be doing this one. There are three-person will doing this working under this issue on it. Since we have made this working on this one. Labour will be active in coming to the Bolder after eating a Launch time. Since the people will make a lazy working on it. 

Today’s work has been done. I was also there. While doing this work, we have also lost. This is what we have done today. And today people were happy to do it. And we’re hoping that this can be done quickly. And we are also trying to get rid of this tension. It’s still a long way off because of the tension, but it seems to be moving fast. But it is also easier if it works. It is also easy for later. We find it very easy to do.

Boulder had been angry since morning. It was shouted at by angry people. And I’ve done it to this day. If you plan to do this at home, please let me know. This is not easy to do. There are many things to look for. You have to work by yourself. It is also easy to work with. This work has to be completed. Even if it is not right here, it is available.

In any case, this work will be done quickly and even if the water is N, it will be muddy even if it is stopped due to water. It’s not even a water bar. Water has to be kept on time. Water also causes a lot of mud. And the same thing has to happen. If everything is the same, it will be easier. Your work is also fast. This day seems to have been completed.

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