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Wiring Eletricity complete in Rice Mill at Hemja

Wiring Eletricity complete in Rice Mill at Hemja

Wiring Eletricity complete in Rice Mill at Hemja a few weeks ago back we have set all those machines into the ground floor there. Then today Magh 12 we have finesh this working within one day to complete this wire of electricity there. Then females also were watching it out there while working will be doing half work or what? But we need all fitting the starter of the machine there. She will make all those Carpenter with infornt of the machine of Motor there. 

And the morning is gone. And that person has also come to show us. And he had to open the level. And by opening the level and we are focused on our work. And we first went to connect to the lights at the beginning and talked about whether the people nearby would not give up. And then Matalwala came to take it, but we have done it. And it has become easier for us because of that heartbreak.

That’s why I did my job. And that girl was also with us in that mill. Here was the whole look. Father told me to open the starter, I opened it. And by opening and directing that, we are annoyed by Dilmachine and have done one by one. And we’ve done the same thing elsewhere since we did that. Later we did the work of taking the man. And while I was working as a man, Nabin’s phone rang.

And I went home to eat. And after eating and leaving my mother at the bank, I and I went to Hemja again to work. And Father had added other makes. And I have worked too. I had to help in the work of Father. While I was working, I used to shout in between, but I also sat down in silence.

Gradually, ours was over and the girl had not even come to the market. And we have moved here ourselves. The food was given to the worker so that he could have lunch here in the afternoon and we ate lunch with tea. And our work is over. And here too the work came from the market. And we’ve done the whole thing by showing up here. And our calculations are done. 


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