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Why don't you come and talk to me

Why don’t you come and talk to me

Why don’t you come and talk to me I don’t know why I want to live this life, but I wonder why I did it for my work. It happens when you do your work later. Not just work. Why don’t I go to that place today? I also wonder why such a touch is so bad. Probably because of the touch, I don’t feel like sleeping. Today you have to sit down for your work. Today I also feel like doing something. Today, I also wonder where to go. I’m very upset about this. From today onwards, it seems that this is not always the case.

I don’t even like to talk to those people. I should have heard that today. On this day, I also thought that I would never be free because of this, but I may not have heard this because of my own strength. And I don’t even want to live in this house. What can I do even if I stay in that house? People around the house feel a little bad. I have been tensed about a lot of things because of this housework, but I can only do it if I go to work.

Today, I don’t even feel like speaking. Why don’t you put your mind to it? And after work, he will come after completing it. It seems like a chore, but why bother with your work? Another thing that happens after I go to bed is that my brain may not work either. But even the working people are towards their work.

One thing is for sure, there is an opinion as to why this house will be completed. But I have done what I have done, but if you do not go to work, I will go back to work. Didi is angry about why she has taken the job. After being angry, other things happen. I don’t think I have spoken my mind, but I have asked people to think and act.

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