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Poush 20 Pokhara Weather Update at Morning

Poush 20 Pokhara Weather Update at Morning

Poush 20 Pokhara Weather Update at Morning when I wake up early at Morning. Then I wash my head in the bathroom. The weather feels much more unable to stand outside of my home. There is seems like a rainy day effect to feels it. I remember it as a summer season. Then I wash my face in the bathroom. Take some hot water for a drink. Then the people will wear warm clothes inside. After a take a cup of tea then I feel warm myself.

After I go on down floor of my house. I take firewood to warm inside there. Try to feel some hot myself with near to the firewood there. I take some breakfast to eat there in the kitchen room. Today the day of Poush month feels too reacted over to see it there. This month feels like cold season ever to feels it there. We need to make it warm and healthy. During this time we have hot and warm eating food while taking a launch time.

I think today is the whole seems like the coldest day to mention to all. People will cook into the firewood which the warm with firewood to take warm into their body. While we have to make a warm and stay from cold from your body. Even the people will unable to make working on it. Pokhara seems very much cold there. People need to make a warm and cold myself on it. We need to make feels warm for me on it.

Today’s whole day makes feels lonely and awesome for working on it. Some the people will make infornt of firewood to stand over their make relax with them. Hope days seem like cool and relaxing days spending with us. Still, the people cannot wake up yet now also too. The time goes fastly and spends with days. Today our Pokhara feels much more cold and cold. Cannot touch with the water their. Needs to touch the hot water to wash any. We need to take hot water to make warm our bodies.

I think the sun raise cannot raise outside the place. Then we cannot see the sun outside today. Whole cover with a cloudy effect on the sky side. But the cannot rainfall still which the stopped on last month ago. Still, the people need against rainfall outside. All the dust particles will come while making a ride a scooter outside. So that I like this day happen into the Poush month. I think this Poush month reacted the coldest days feels it.

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