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Last day of 2020 of this Year

Last day of 2020 of this Year

Last day of 2020 of this Year is the past it out 365 days of the year. When we have welcomed a new year of the 2020 year from since last January month on past month ago back. Now we have close up this year of 365days to close up this year. This year we have faced out a lot of this year. Some of the miss out on the new episode and shows happen to see on television and make a lockdown about the virus coming from China. The whole year we have spent this virus to cap up. The whole year will disturb it with the virus. For half of the year, we have faced this virus. 

The whole day will be less spending with a different part of the place to moves on there. I just making monetization into this year. I am really happy to see that moment while I got monetization from channel. Even this year I have making to plan for running two website to write an article to mention to update there. Even since few month I have create a new website for the youtube channel only. Under that website only the youtube video and thumbnail will be mention will be included there. 

Some of part we will be fight with the father with the case of new house on Arba place of Pokhara. Some will be angry with myself over with the Father. This year my sister will also be coming back on Nepal. Then I have happy for moment to visiting for the kathmandu valley to move on there. Lot of mistake and apologize happen to see there. We have faced it out new place and travel vlogs to mention into there. Today is the last day of 2020 to bye the 2020 year of ended within a few hour left it. 

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