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Welcome To Poush 15 in Nepal

Welcome To Poush 15 in Nepal

Welcome To Poush 15 in Nepal is between on December and Janaury Month. It begins make a Winter Season Reacted on Nepal. Since this month we have much more cold and make it warm clothes wearing while going to outside place from home. Now Today is the Special day of Nepali Festival which comes Losar And Poush 15 of Hindu Culture. During on this 15th day they have bring a Anadi Rice and also bring Baeli to mixing together to cooked it.

Some people will be share a image to how to cooked the this iteam of food to mentioned to you. This day is etheir Long day and etheir Short day and Night happen to see. This month the days will be coming fast and fast going on but the people will be cannot explain it more. This days they have Holiday to all Nepali people. Most of people will cutting a Meat of buffalo, Goat, Chicken to meet together Family and Friends.

Around the Soceity people they have bring it any meat to cut it and they have said to all message Have you take a Meat or not for you. From our society we have making this system to share this one. But this days will comes once a year. Even School, Office and any Company will be close this days. Even I think a School day the leave Holiday in Calendar to all place of Nepal. Half of year it will be past it Already we have it.

Poush make think that we have spends a 15th days right now. Even I have think that Today our family make to celebrate a Poush 15 with own Family Member. For Evening we have to make this one. But My heart Cannot be Happy because pressure happen to see. Even we haven’t Feels like this one. Some of People will be like a this month as Favourite of the Years. There is different festival will be included this month.

Hope your Poush will make remember into your life. Hope so you have making a awesome days and special day for you. Yes I have also be remember this Days begin to Welcome a for Better Next time. If any happening case into this day. I will be write for you here into Article to mention it. Happy Poush 15th to all Nepali Brothers, Sister, Mother and father as well as your family. Whole Nepali Family we will be make to share a Poush 15th to You.

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