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Today the clothes are dyed

Today the clothes are dyed

Today the clothes are dyed I have given up my clothes. And a friend of mine, Sagar, did it. And done in your own home. And the clothes were very dirty. I have also been washed and my clothes have been washed at home. The water was also very cold. And then the water came hot too. There was a lot of clothes, but it was very dirty, but my friend did other things as well. The clothes I wear are complete. And the cloth is given by itself.

Today it was very cold and there was no water. And the water around our house is very barley but the water came at the time of doing that today but I was also happy. My clothes were very dirty. I was in love with Duna and I am in love today. Today, I was dressed twice and I was also light. And the sun wasn’t on the roof and that’s what I’m targeting today.

But some of the clothes were dry. And none of them dried up. And that will happen tomorrow for Sukhan. And I was also basking in the sun and working in the sun. After the winter, I was looking for clothes and I was dressed. And all the other things are done. The cloth boat is very easy. And difficult was very much the same reason. 

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