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The angel has gone to fetch Baer

The angel has gone to fetch Baer

The angel has gone to fetch Baer Today is gone. And we are going to take it too. Today my sister went to take it. Today is gone. This happens according to Season in space. And we have also taken it. It has gone to the place of the government. And this I have also mentioned in my video. But I also say that it is also a matter of why people benefit from it, but people do not understand this. And we also have a small tree.

And it is very hard. And because of this, it is very difficult for people to take. We took it to Season to pick it up. This lamp is located on the side of the Damage. It is close to our house. Because of its proximity, we also go to get it. This is the month of Mangsir where many people have gone. This pond is in another place. You may have eaten it from a small tree, but it also happens on another tree. That also happens in the tree said.

It is big and small, but it is also perfect. And for this, we keep the sun outside in our house in the cold. Keep it and eat it with rice if it gets better later. There is a lot of this feed but there is not much market for it. And for this market, we have to share our ideas. People also eat this kinara. It has also been sold in the market.

I have seen this too. And people will do it for pickles. If you have pickles in your house, it is also sweet with rice. After being sweet, people are too old for it. I went to get it but it wasn’t cooked. There were a lot of raw bases.

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