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Good Evening from Nayagau in Pokhara

Good Evening from Nayagau in Pokhara

Good Evening from Nayagau in Pokhara we have meeting a person over the sister relative friends over there. Then we have met with a different place to move on there. Finally, we have met and got a surprise there. Then it will be happy with my sister there. She will be made to talk much more and more with my sister there. She will tell you a lot of tension with you here. While checking it out this mistake happen to see it there. Then a few minutes they will be talked over there. Then we have stayed over there. Then the people will make color into the house there. 

Even her grandmother also stays at a home there. Both of them stayed in their own home there. Then he will be taken into talk with her there. She will be called with me there stay on the sofa. While taking a cup of tea I took an image shot of the cup over that place to see there. Then I will be fine over there. Since the people will be able to see this place move on there. Both of them were talking with the christens and Hindus also too. 

She also did a lot of guffaws here. He was here for his decade, but he may know what kind of people he is, but people have also talked about work. This is what people talk about. And he has said his thing and my sister has to meet this man. We also have to go because we talk. This work has been completed today. My sister has said that she will never go now.

After going to that place, it got awful, and the scooter didn’t work, and it started. And went to the workshop. He has also worked in workshops. We were also talking about this for the same workshop and my sister and I was talking in our minds about why this was happening when I was leaving, but also while talking about it.


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