Why do I forget the things I thought
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Why do I forget the things I thought

Why do I forget the things I thought People have to shout and forget what they think. And the work that I have done is not the same as the work that many people do in their own way. But what happens in my heart but I don’t even think about it. Keeping your memories to yourself is not a hit, but it doesn’t happen by itself.

I think thinking in my own mind has worked a lot. But I don’t think there is any support from my home. Sometimes it happens that if I am not lost, I also feel like it. The mind knows what to think and what not to do, but it does not teach the mind to do anything. You have to keep your own mind, not others.

My heart doesn’t work when I feel sorry for myself. I speak in a big voice. But after doing that, I am also relieved for a while, but I am also thinking for later, I apologize. I wonder why I did that. Jada leaves compassion in my house and I feel like there is peace in my house. But looking at the business, you know why this is done.

Asti A said that a man had given me money to buy send in paisa but my wife was not at home. And then came the movement of Father and I had settled in that movement. And my mother was also doing her job and not even paying taxes by walking. I couldn’t even imagine where my crore would have gone. Later, the man left on his own.

It happens that sometimes the termite is in the right place, but it also feels as if the termite has not risen. The money given by others should work on time. I have to work on time to get paid. It doesn’t happen in my opinion. If you shout at a lot of people, even your spark doesn’t work.

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