It was raining in Pokhara this morning

It was raining in Pokhara this morning

It was raining in Pokhara this morning After waking up in the morning, I was outside. And he went home on his scooter and it was raining heavily after he went to zero. And it wasn’t too big. And because of this, it has been very cold. It has been raining in our pond for many days from today. And today the rods were full of water. And the water makes it very cold.

There is an opinion that looks like a curtain after many days. And it was raining towards Lekhnath in the morning. And the cold wind was blowing. And even in the cold air, Jana gets cold. And even when it is cold, we have to understand our health. And if we understand, it will be very easy.

You must have known in the morning. You got up. And I was happy because it was raining today. And there is an opinion on what kind of feelings will happen later on such a day. It is raining in Pokhara today. My friends may have shared their photos and we had to go to Lekhanth. There was disturbance due to water.

How was your place? And as you can see in this photo, it was taken by Mobi in the morning. And I stopped the scooter on the way and snapped a photo. And for your new post, I have done this. And we have to do it. Our pond was not very big today.

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