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Don't Trust anyone user on Facebook 

Don’t Trust anyone user on Facebook

Don’t Trust anyone user on Facebook  Please don’t reply to any of your friends saying that I will do your job. And one of my men has run away after taking money from the trust. And the money in my fork has been eaten up by the web site. Even today, the issue has been discussed. And by dissecting and I have removed this mind. And after it was removed. And it is very easy. And how to do it in Police and how to do it in Foot is just your loss.

This is not a big deal. And this money is also left by me. And I also have in mind. I am very upset and I have squandered my money, but I have also done another thing. Such people have never been in my life, but it has been different than I ever thought. But also, if you want to solve someone’s problem on Facebook, do your work with the right people.

My money is gone. I have also informed you of today. And I have also said that it will never work. But even naming people’s names doesn’t work. And it doesn’t have to work. This is another thing to do in Poliche. And think about these things yourself. And if it hurts you, think for yourself.

Many Nepali people are trapped in such a thing. And why Nepalis who are trapped should also be aware of this. And people do such things to earn money. And it doesn’t work. Eating one’s own money is not the same as eating other people’s food. And for some, as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

This is not a bad thing for the people of your country. You have commented on your problem in a post on a page, but I have also requested you not to do this and not to do it. If so, learn more. I have said this from the very beginning. If you trust people who will be helping for you will need to think about it before many times there. Don’t Trust anyone user on Facebook with an unknown person there.

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