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Water is poured in the room in the Dalan at home today

Water is poured in the room in the Dalan at home today

Water is poured in the room in the Dalan at home today And after many days he has gone to that place. I woke up this morning at that place. And people have more opinions than their rooms. And the same thing happens in your room. And this decade has been for everyone. And it can happen in the time of Dashain. And we have to wear that. And I went to my house to fetch water. And he has gone with me.

There is a feeling of very cold wind in the morning. And I also lost the idea that I should put water in my house. You have to look after going home. And I love my home, but when people get money, they talk about why it is like this, but I have done everything. Father had only done it for a while, the other work I had done myself. And you just do it for a moment and then you get angry.

The new house needs to be watered. And the room was flooded and we went to pour water in that room. And we have gone to see if that person has done it or not. And there was water in the room. Then the water in the sunny room dried up. And I poured water myself into the rooms and also outside.

And I also put a small video on my channel. And maybe your friends will love you too. And I said everything in that video. And you have to put in the work done by yourself. And the video also has to be done. And you have to go to your website. That was our task this morning. This is the Room  Dalan where they have to share it out there. 

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