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Happy Fulpati Day of Dashain 2077

Happy Fulpati Day of Dashain 2077

Happy Fulpati Day of Dashain 2077 is the seven days of the dashing festival. Its assortment of flowers, leaves, and fruits of different plants considered auspicious, is being taken into the homes as per tradition throughout the country today. The Fulpati is brought to Kathmandu as per the Vedic rites to be anointed at the Dashaighar at the Hanumandhoka Durbar. Since the accident period of time, they have done their culture to save this festival. These times there is a lot of flowers were putting on the neck backside they have round from one place to another place.

This year it will be held on Kartik month due to some happen into this year. Since this month isn’t good for putting this Tika from other people. This virus will be attacked. At this time they have close up the office work due to this Dashain will be started to run it. This day is also the special day of Dashain in Nepal.

People were buying with new shop with their family members there. Fulpati day make to change to know to learn more things which I cannot able to find it out there. Since the people will learn about these things to share for it. Mainly I have found into the near society they have done this one. They stopped working to close the office and another purpose.



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