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How was Your Dashain Going in 2077 in Nepal

How was Your Dashain Going in 2077 in Nepal

How was Your Dashain Going in 2077 in Nepal Everyone has tens of thousands in their house. Season, which has been cutting other people’s money, has been very busy. And how is your tenth? In our country, there is a lot to do for oneself. And we also have to do something for the decade. And we are still thinking of what to do but also to stick to the decade. And we have worked too. This may be celebrated by many in the decade of Pahi.

Changes have also come to our house. It was still a lot of fun. And we also have to eat. And we have to. This is our biggest lick in Nepal right now. We want to celebrate this great day of the year. And we got scared in other houses and if there were too many people, it would be very difficult. Even for Jana. Tika is very difficult for Laguna.

He is probably celebrating his family by staying at home in his village for many decades. And I also love my family. And we are silent. We have to do something. We have to do something. People may have taken a knife and cut it at home. And on Saturday he went to pick her up. And we’ve done the Order from Online. We’ve been sitting at home ordering the same thing online.

In Nepal, Dashain is in everyone’s mind. After ten years, people have gone to their homes. There has been no elasticity in Nepal. Since when does it happen again? We have not done anything for ourselves. It is thought that Dashain is high and going. Living with a family in Dashain is a big thing for us.

Other people go to work in other countries. It is not enough to celebrate your Dashain by settling here with your family. Here are the memories of your home in the decade. And talk to the family online. And in Nepal, we can’t do anything because of this virus.

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