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Butala is building a new house

Butala is building a new house

Butala is building a new house Today it was gone. And I was also doing palatal work. And the chips didn’t come. And after that, we have to do our job. And I’m lost too. Even today I have lost. And we have to look. And we also have to do things. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. There are other things to do.

This is Lako to do the work of Kutha. And after doing the work of Kutha, all the work can be done. And do other things. And these are the things we have to do first. And we have to do our own thing. It’s easier said than done. We have to do other things in other places.

There is water left in other works. And he will do the rest. We also have to look at such things. The work is going on. And to do one’s work by working. And we have to do the same. Paladar was also flooded for many days. And it took us ten years, and that’s why we’re so tired.

Now the housework is done slowly. And this is a work in progress. Even after doing this, others have to do it. We have lost this work today. And it gets easier after work. We have to do the same for later. This is my first post. This is how the housework is done. This is new house making into the Nepal design were doing on it there. 

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